Conduct of animal mediation sessions

Médiation animale : Apaisement, mieux-être, estime de soi

Médiation animale : Apaisement, mieux-être, estime de soi

A typical session takes place over a maximum of one hour .

Aurélie accompanies the beneficiaries of the mediation and her animals around a common activity where interactions will be possible between them.

These searches for interactions will be decided in advance with the beneficiaries' caregivers or supervisors or the beneficiary himself if he is able to express his needs. The areas of work defined in collaboration and ahead of the session will make it possible to target the activity to be implemented.

During the session, Aurélie ensures the safety and well-being of the beneficiaries and the animals . During contact(s) with the animals, positive interactions will be observed in order to discuss them with the beneficiaries at the end of the session.

The beneficiaries will also be able to observe their interactions and anchor the memory of them in their progress according to the determined areas of work.

Animal mediation involves both the entire body structure of the beneficiaries as well as theiremotions. It is an experience which allows us to observe positive physical and/or psychological developments in the beneficiaries .

Appeasement, concentration, observation, motivation, well-being, self-esteem, socialization, bond of attachment, pleasure, are the key words of this animal approach in addition to therapeutic and/or medical support .

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