Respite thanks to animal mediation

La médiation par l'animal avec un lama

La médiation par l'animal avec un lama

When we talk about animal mediation with those who know this therapeutic support, we often think of disability.

Yes, it's true that animal mediation has become a real therapeutic tool favored by many scientists, doctors and the media.

But animal mediation can also be a moment of simple pleasure .

Who among us doesn't need pleasure?

We go through complicated times in our lives: mourning, separation, loss, illness, an accident, an attack, depression, isolation, conflicts, anxieties, supporting a dependent person. .

These periods of life are not easy, and sometimes we tend to minimize the impact of these crises on our lives . The reasons are diverse: we want to protect others from our downturns, we want to put the distress of others before our own, we don't feel that legitimate to take care of ourselves...

However, to protect others and support them well, it is important to think about taking care of yourself and giving yourself some respite .

Animal mediation is a tool that can be very powerful, without judgment, the animal naturally probes your emotions and often provokes an opening to the introspection necessary for a release of emotions and breathing.

It is proven that it brings significant improvements in adaptive behaviors, reduced stress and development of affiliative skills in beneficiaries.

At the Lama Émoi respite farm , we support caregivers and people with or without disabling disorders in their journey to well-being . Whether the need is one-off or long-term, we invite you to discuss it with Aurélie to evaluate the project alongside you.

Aurélie: Animal mediation worker